폴아웃1 223 피스톨의 모델? 블레이드러너의 댓건 : 그총

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폴아웃1 223 피스톨의 모델? 블레이드러너의 댓건 : 그총

블레이드러너의 댓건 : 그총 

이 총의 멋진 이미지는 아래 주소에서 참조 하세요 


The venerable .223 Pistol
by SuAside
A .223 rifle modified and cut down to a pistol. This is a one-of-a-kind firearm, obviously made with love and skill.

In the first Fallout, it was a one-of-a-kind firearm, attainable only by a quest involving helping a poor farmer get his house back. It was the gun with the most authoritative sound and excellent damage to boot, quickly besting all other conventional pistols. I dare say this was the favorite pistol in game for most Fallout fans. But other than being a very handy pistol and undeniable piece of Fallout lore, it is also an intriguing easter egg.

.223 pistol

To most Fallout fans the gun's origins are quite clear and there is little room or grounds to refute the widely accepted explanation. It is simply an easter egg tribute to Ridley Scott's very influential Blade Runner (1982). In Blade Runner circles the gun is known as the 2019 Detective Special or the Plager Katsumate Series-D (or P.K.D., an obvious tribute to Philip K. Dick) and is wielded by Rick Deckard (played by Harrison Ford). It is no secret to the Blade Runner (and even Fallout) fans that the prop is made off a Steyr Mannlicher .222 Model SL receiver mated with a Charter Arms .44 Special Police Bulldog revolver. Therefor the explanation given in Fallout of it being a cut down rifle is partly true, but it is also much more than that.

SteyrMannlicher-222ModelSL-receiver CharterArms44SpecialPoliceBulldog

Much ink has flown on the actual origins of the gun prop used in the move and how to construct it, not everything is known today. Much of the knowledge gained is from lower quality stunt props and frame by frame analysis of movie footage. Last year, as the original movie prop was displayed at a convention, still unknown details surfaced, over 24 years after the release of the movie.

But what instead has intrigued myself and quite a few others is the fact that it had 2 barrels, 2 feeding systems and 2 triggers. Both barrels from the Steyr (partly) and the Bulldog are used in the prop and you can still see the magazine trap of the Steyr and the revolver cylinder of the Bulldog. To some people's amusement, even the Steyr's bolthandle is still present in the pistol. (It is to be noted that our very own Fallout 10mm pistol displays some of these odd quirks as well, but it can be traced back to an entirely different origin)


This has long puzzled me. Why would anyone keep two barrels and two feeding systems for a gun that is only used one way in the movie? Even stranger is the fact that they kept the Steyr trigger unit, which originally consisted of 2 separate triggers, although they swapped out the bulldog trigger for the first Steyr one.


It is widely known that the inspiration for Blade Runner came from Philip K. Dick's book 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'. Back then, he was a popular writer for those who knew him, but sadly, his public was rather restricted. Today, many of his books have been filmed in some way or another: 'We Can Remember It For You Wholesale' became 'Total Recall' starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie and later became a series as well; 'Second Variety' became 'Screamers' which is a cult classic; 'Minority Report' was filmed by Steven Spielberg; John Woo filmed 'Paycheck''A Scanner Darkly' starred Keanu Reeves & Winona Ryder; 'The Golden Man' became 'Next' starring Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore & Jessica Biel. 

Sadly Philip K. Dick died shortly before the public release of Blade Runner. I say sadly because the film rapidly gained worldwide recognition and interested a lot of people in his work. Dick however, was far from pleased from what he had seen from Blade Runner prior to release. The movie was a far stretch from his book and he thought it didn't do his book justice. This is understandable since only the general setting and the topic remain intact, while all the rest was heavily modified, if not entirely removed.


I believe that it is in Philip K. Dick's book that lies the potential answer to the conundrum of the weapon's bizar movie prop design. Rick Deckard -the Bounty Hunter today welknown due to Blade Runner- is armed with a 'laser tube' as a primary weapon and a 'regulation issue old-style .38 Magnum pistol'. Why is this important? Well, in the Blade Runner universe police cars are equipped with a 'sine wave' which allows to 'phase out laser emanation and spread the beam into ordinary light' by activating it through the use of an emergency button hidden in the car. Hence, a normal centerfire pistol is a valuable asset to circumvent such high tech equipment in the event that the technology were to fall into the wrong hands or if a policeman were forced to fire in his own vehicle while disabling the assailant's 'laser tube'.


Of course, this is all very interesting (and borderline movie nutjob material), but how does this lead to the gun's odd state of 2 barrels, 2 feeding systems and 2 triggers? Well, it is my personal belief that the prop craftsmen opted to combine Deckard's two weapons into a single unit. One of each for the laser beam to fire -as was amply demonstrated in the movie- and another for conventional centerfire ammunition. Each with its own ammo, each with its own barrel, each with its own trigger. Thus allowing for great speed in alternating between both, and speed is a matter of life and death as aptly illustrated in both the book and the movie.

So the potential explanation ends up being marvelously simple and quite logical. Perhaps this is the truth behind our odd looking little .223 pistol? 

Picture source
Additional crafting procedure information

아래내용은  : http://www.racprops.com/issue7/br_take_5/

Blade Runner, Take Five, the WorldCon Model


Pictures by Karl Tate

The REAL Blade Runner prop! 

It was a quiet Saturday on 8/26/06 at 2:14 PM when I checked my e-mail to find an e-mail from Karl Tate saying -- "Look at this: this the real prop from Blade Runner."

As I opened it and looked at a couple of pictures he had sent I knew they showed the real prop. It was no longer a quiet day. A few email exchanges later I am packing an overnight bag and some munchies, and I drove overnight to get there for the last day of the convention in the hope it would still be on display.

AND IT WAS! I arrived first thing Sunday morning and was looking at the gun in the display case when Karl found me. A minute later a friend of the owner walked up to the display case and let us see the gun outside of the case and take pictures.

Here is one of the few pictures of me with the gun. I was so excited to see it I never even considered a "proof" shot of me with the GUN.

Picture by Karl Tate

No longer the thin trim guy I used to be, I call this "the Shatner look." Funny how many of us get rounder as we age. But I am in good company. (And thank god at 59 I still have hair on my head...a little thin but still there)

What really locked it in for me as the real prop were the wires on the side of the side cover. Those had bugged me for years when studying the film. They are in the shot of the gun along the wall when Deckard is hunting Batty.

I had thought the line might be the edge of the front of the side cover, but it did not look like the front end.

Phil and I have argued over the pistol grip's true color. Phil saw a silver metal frame and I saw a black one. We were both right, it was painted black with some silver showing near the butt plate seemingly from sanding the paint off the butt plate sides.

Picture by Karl Tate

This was one of those really special days, the kind you remember forever, and I owe it to Mr. Karl Tate for emailing me and sharing  this find.

How many fans walked by this small case and did not see this amazing reveal? or did not believe it to be true? Even Karl said it was only on the fourth day of this five day convention did he look closer and read the place card. The rest is history.

I was too excited and too tired from the overnight drive to take pictures, I set up my film camera wrong, and my little digital camera couldn't compare to Karl's.

All Blade Runner fans owe Karl for spotting this and for sharing it and for taking all these great pictures.

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