Fallout - T-51B Power Armor Ver.2 Free Papercraft

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Fallout - T-51B Power Armor Ver.2 Free Papercraft

T-51b Power Armor

Power Armor + Gatling Laser

Difficulty: VERY HARD (w. some parts need to be scratch built)

T-51b Power Armor from Fallout

Fallout 4 finally gave us some decent power armor models I felt like investing time and effort to unfold and build. I'm a huge fan-boy of the West Coast Brotherhood of Steel so the armor has more or less the same markings as in Fallout 1. The Gatling laser is of the Fallout 4 variant, because I felt the HK L30 Gatling laser model I've made for Fallout 3 wasn't up to the detail the armor needed.

WARNING: Some parts are without flaps because I glued them using just the cutting edges, or used other techniques (e.g wires wrapped in layers of paper for most pipes) to build. There's a build thread on Zealot.com, I'd advise any potential builder to check it out before printing out the template.

Original texture and model belongs to Bethesda / ZeniMax.


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