Enclave Soldier

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Enclave Soldier

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I've noticed a rather disturbing trend here, on dA. This place is being swarmed by all kinds of Fallout 3 related stuff. 

So, this is a Fallout 2 artwork, for all those that feel the same as me about The Post Black Isle Role Playing Game.

I'm getting better at those things, so they take more of my time, but they're also more detailed. I must change it, if I want to finish all the planned ones before holiday ends.

This one depicts, as you probably noticed, an Enclave Soldier, encased completly in Advanced Power Armor. It is supposed to give the reader of "Nomad" an idea of how a Power Armor looks.
I took my time to design and work out every single piece of this wonderfull piece of american industry. The only thing that the game makers provided was the helmet, some pauldrons and the rough idea of the whole thing. I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Looks retro enough to be Fallout, and modern enough to be Advanced PA. The hands were a nightmare to work on, though.
The gun is a slighly redesigned version of the "Gyrojet" [link]

Enough ramble. Made with Photoshop and Wacom Graphire 4 Tablet. B&G&W technique. 

Download for higher (1400 x 1983) resolution.

Hope you'll like.

Note: Operation Anchorage is too short and kinda boring. Even gauss sucks.

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